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Cory Langner, Sr. Business Development Associate, Elance connects entrepreneurs, business owners and other professionals — some in the employ-ing and some in the employ-er position! Find out how they combine technology, business and marketing for all players’ success. Michael Castellano, Co-Founder and CEO engajer has one of the hottest video selling platforms around, increasing sales and decreasing costs (don’t we all want that?); and Micha Benoliel, Co-Founder & CEO, Open Garden allows users to share mobile Internet among all devices, something everyone needs in a multiple-gadget-driven world.

Join us for networking starting at 6pm, followed by our speakers, Q&A and more time for networking and refreshments.

For complete information & videos on all speakers from past Meetups, please visit our Freemium Blog.

 App/SaaS Monetization: Freemium, Premium, etc.: Elance, engajer, and Open Garden


What Our Speakers Will Talk About

Our speakers will share their knowledge of marketing and monetization, their personal relationship with the Freemium business model, and share their experiences of what works and doesn’t work.



 App/SaaS Monetization: Freemium, Premium, etc.: Elance, engajer, and Open GardenCory Langner, Sr. Business Development Associate, Elance


Cory Langner is a seasoned pro with a passion for connecting people and nurturing customer relations. He’s helped small and medium businesses embrace new technologies to freshen-up their brand image, acquire new customers, foster relationships and develop solid frameworks to enhance business operations. As Sr. Business Development Associate for Elance, Cory connects freelancers with businesses who need online workers. Since 1999 Elance has been helping businesses hire skilled freelancers for jobs in Finance, IT & Programming, Marketing, Writing & Translation and more. Whether it’s a small project or long-term contract, Elance can connect you with instant, on-demand talent without draining your budget. Elance is pioneering a new way to build and grow your company.

 App/SaaS Monetization: Freemium, Premium, etc.: Elance, engajer, and Open GardenMichael Castellano, Co-Founder and CEO engajer

@engajerMC @engajer

engajer is an online interactive video selling platform that increases revenue and reduces sales costs. Founder Michael Castellano is a Silicon Valley 3x entrepreneur, nominated by Ernst and Young as 2012′s and 2013′s “Entrepreneur of the Year.” Michael graduated from Santa Clara University Cum Laude in three years, receiving a Bachelors degree in mass communication and a Minor in Music. In 2002, he was appointed as a United States Senate Page for the 107th Congress.

 App/SaaS Monetization: Freemium, Premium, etc.: Elance, engajer, and Open GardenMicha Benoliel, Co-Founder & CEO, Open Garden

@anthenor @OpenGarden

Open Garden allows users to share mobile Internet among all devices. Micha has been a technology entrepreneur since he was 8 years old. He helped launch several telecommunications services in the last 10 years including Skype. His ultimate challenge is to provide free wireless broadband access to the Internet and advocate Net Neutrality.



 App/SaaS Monetization: Freemium, Premium, etc.: Elance, engajer, and Open GardenMODERATOR: Cynthia Typaldos, Founder Kachingle

@typaldos @kachingle @FreemiumSFBay

Cynthia is the co-inventor of Kachingle Premium, a turbocharged App monetization platform, including bundling, distribution, billing and co- marketing. She previously was a software developer at Bank of America, and Director of Software Product Management and Marketing at Sun Microsystems. She founded GolfWeb and RealCommunities before starting Kachingle. She holds degrees from UC Berkeley and MIT. Her passion is internet bundles and micropaymen


6pm-7pm: Networking, hors d’oeuvres

7pm-7:15pm: What’s new in Freemium: Presentation & Discussion

7:15pm-8:15pm: Speaker Presentations

8:15pm-8:45pm: Q & A of Speaker Panel, moderated by Cynthia Typaldos, Kachingle

8:45pm-10pm: Raffles and prizes, networking, wind down



Members, send us Speakers! We are actively looking for speakers for our monthly panels. If you would like to be considered or have any suggestions for speakers, please email Cynthia Typaldos at cynthia@kachingle.com, or contact us through Meetup’s email capability.

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