Jason St. Peter presented Dell’s $100M commitment to entrepreneurs through the Dell Innovators Credit Fund. Amit Dhir from PricewaterhouseCoopers explained software pricing methods, and Melinda Wittstock from NewsiT app monetization from the NewsiT perspective. Cynthia Typaldos, Founder of Kachingle explained bundling software apps and Kachingle’s micropayment system. A fifth presentation by Brian Anderson, a DELL Global Business Development Executive is not available on this video.

The Meetup was held at DELL Crossover Cafe on February 13, 2013 in Santa Clara.

00:13:20 Welcoming remarks by Cynthia Typaldos, Founder of Kachingle
07:08:25 Bob’s Buzzword of the Day, Bob Rice, Tangent Capital Partners, courtesy Bloomberg TV
12:56:08 Jason St. Peter of DELL on DELL Innovators Credit Fund
17:41:20 Cynthia Typaldos presents Kachingle Premium bundling
24:57:07 Amit Dhir, PricewaterhouseCoopers presents pricing strategies
56:20:12 Melinda Wittstock, CEO and Founder of NewsiT discusses NewsiT success story

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